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Strandloper Project ExpeditionPlanning an expedition of any nature is a daunting task. Logistics, overnight venues, food and water and equipment are huge component of an expeditions expenses. Fortunately the Strandloper Project has received support for our expedition from local businesses.



Accommodation Sponsors

The expedition will take between 10 and 12 days depending on weather conditions.

The expedition team are prepared to sleep in caves and along the coastline, but are very appreciative to local property owners and accommodation establishments for their generous hosting of the expedition crew.

Along the remote coastline east of Stilbaai the Rust Family will host us for two nights.

Gourikwa Nature Reserve will host us on the 5th night.

After 8 days of hiking we will be pampered in 4 star luxury at the Mossel Bay Protea Hotel

We are currently in discussions with other venues and properties for addiitonal accommodation.



Food Sponsorship

Though we have planned to forage at least one meal per day, the demand of trash surveys will force us to take food with us.

From the onset of the expedition planning phase Wilderness KwikSpar has been pleased to support the Strandloper Project with the provision of our dietary requirements.

Strandloper Forage


Branding Sponsorship

As plans for the Strandloper Project Coastal Expedition began in earnest we soon realised that we required a logo that told the story about the expedition.

Mark had commissioned an artist to produce a logo which included some rock art, waves and a fish hook.

Independently Melinda had designed a fish hook in the sand on one of her training beach walks.

She then developed it into a full blown logo and included a knot, a line and heartbeat to represent the pulse of ocean health.

Chris then offered to refine the logo and shifted the line and pulse above the text and transformed the font and text colour.

Cindy Kershaw from Cindy Kershaw Design then offered to cleanup and make the final changes to the logo.

And the rest is history.

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