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Expedition Sponsors


Halfway Toyota

Expedition North

Wilderness KwikSpar


Puma Fuel



Recovered tackle


Strandloper Project
Finding a solution for recreational fishing pollution


Strandloper Project Expedition


Corporate and Community Support.


Planning an expedition of any nature is a daunting task. Logistics, overnight venues, food and water and equipment are huge component of an expeditions expenses. Fortunately the Strandloper Project has received support for our expedition from local businesses.



Logistical Sponsors

Local Support.

Every campaign requires numerous aspects in the planning phase to ensure it's success.

For the Strandloper Project Coastal Expedition having the support of local businesses and landowners is imperative to the success of our awareness campaign of the threat of fishing and plastic trash to marine ecology and biodiversity.

The Strandloper Project would like to thank our sponsors for their support, without which Expedition 2020 would not be possible


Again, we are fortunate for the enthusiastic support of the team from Halfway Toyota in George for the sponsorship of an expedition vehicle.

A special than you to Puma Fuel Thembaletu for their fuel sponsorship.



Food Sponsorship


Every campaign requires sound nutritionalong the route and we have been fortunate to have valuable sponsorship.

Wilderness KwikSpar.

Mama Alles : Lightweight Adventure Meals

Love to Eat Knysna

Eureka Mills

Salina's Beach Resturant



Though the expedition team were prepared to sleep in caves and camp on the expedition, local establishments and home owners offered us accommodation for the entire hike.

Thanks to the following families and establishments for their generous hospitality.

Nature's Valley Trust

Silver Ranch

Elke van der Walt

Trinity B&B



Sandi Braun

Keerweder Self-catering Holiday Accommodation

Afro Vibe Backpackers

Juan Botes of Chaingang Events




Geared Up

Expedition Tested.

Tough, reliable and comfortable clothing that can deal with any weather conditions are vital to the expedition. We have been fortunate to have had some awesome apparel sponsored for the Expedition from these companies.

Expediton North George

Hi-Tec South Africa

African Tusk Clothing

Badger Mountain Wines

Ocean Odyssey

Financial Donations

We have been privalaged to receive some generous donations to make Expedition 2020 happen. While most have opted to be anonomous, special thanks are to the following :


Art Beat Cafe



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