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Our survey results between January 2018 and January 2019 showed that snagged fishing tackle from recreational fishing does pose a Ghost Fishing threat to inshore reef fish.

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Expedition 2021 Team
Fostering marine conservation through citizen science


Strandloper Team


Eco Warriors For Biodiversity.

The Strandloper Project has been fortunate to have a large number of volunteers that are concerned about the welfare of the ocean to join us on our transect dives.


For Expedition 2020, an 11 day coastal research hike, six volunteers have committed themselves to going the distance for the coean. Following on from the success of the 2019 Expedition from Blombos to Wilderness, this year the team will hike from Nature's Valley to Wilderness, an extimated 185km.


Mark Dixon

Mark Dixon

A marine biologist, nature guide and avifaunal consultant, Mark is an environmental field researcher. He first encountered the impacts of ghost fishing on commercial long liners and has campaigned for ethical fishing practices ever since.

Together with his wife Amanda, he had the idea to clean up the reef of fishing debris at Gericke's Point.

Little did he know that a simple clean up outing would morph into such a large project and provide such staggering results. Wanting to know the extent of the pollution he proposed an annual coastal expedition.



Chris Leggatt

Chris Leggatt

Based in Wilderness Chris owns Eden Adventures and is an Avid photographer, and environmental campaigner.

Enthusiastic about natural history and eager to capture the ethos of the Strandloper Project, Chris is a valuable asset to both the research and expedition.



Melinda Morkel

Based in George, Melinda is a partner in Build it Green.

Since the inception of the coastal survey hike, Melinda has dived on every transect survey. Volunteering with the Strandloper Project, Melinda has become inspired to communicate the message of ghost fishing and marine plastic pollution.


Amanda Dixon

Based in Rondevlei, Amanda owns Tumbleweeds Events, is a partner in Garden Route Trail, an event manager, an avifaunal consultant on wind farms and a passionate advocate for nature.

While being in the ocean is not Amanda's first choice, advocating for the protection and sustainable utilization of it's resources is something that she is committed to do.



Lisa Leslie

Lisa Leslie

Based in Sedgefield, Lisa is a professional photographer (Lisa Leslie Photography), a social media manager and artisan baker (Love Loaves) who is concerned about the global degradation of the environment.

Passionate about the marine environment, Lisa is thrilled to be on the expedition again.


Amanda Dixon

Jonathan Britton

Jonathan is based in Rondevlei and is Section Ranger in the Garden Route National Park

A dedicated member of the local NSRI, Jonathan has a passion for the ocean and it's conservation.

Since our first clean up dive at Gericke's Point, Jonathan has paticipated and supoported our research efforts, both in a personal and proffesional capacity

We look forward to having his critical eye to assist assess the extent of plastic and fishing pollution along on the expedition.


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