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Ghost fishing

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Ongoing Research.

Our survey results between January 2018 and October 2019 showed that snagged fishing tackle from recreational fishing does pose a Ghost Fishing threat to inshore reef fish.

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Recovered tackle


Volunteer for Clean ups.
Finding a solution for recreational fishing pollution


Recovered hooks


Ghost Fishing in the Garden Route.


The Strandloper Project initiated three survey transects in the Garden Route Between Gericke's Point and the Knysna Heads. Each site attracts a different calibre of core fishermen distinguished by socio economic differences.


Clean up Dives

Helping Out.

We conduct our recovery dives when dive conditions are suatable and try to plan for a weekend dive.

Dive Conditions.

The water conditions in the Garden Route are variable with a range of temperatures btween 14Deg C and 23Deg C with a mean of 19DegC

Vizability is generally poor, at about 2m to 3m with cherished spells between 6m and 10m

Currents are the primary safety concern and we will assess the feasibility of a dive before commiting to a dive.



Dive Skills

Dive Gear.

Equipment required for the dives include a mask, snorkel, fins and dive gloves. A 3mm or 5mm wetsuit is advisable and a weight belt to balance your bouayncy.

A dive knife with a wrist teather is not neccesary, but does help.

We are slowly building up spare sets of equipment for once off volunteers, but if you want you help more regularly it is best that you have your own set of equipment.

On Call.

We have a Whatsapp Group to broadcast when we plan to dive. If you would like to join the group send a text to 082 213 5931 or email with you mobile number so that we can add you to the group.


Get Involved

Remote Site.

We are continually wanting to expand our database of accumalation rates of fishing debris,extent of reef damge and incidents of ghost fishing and entanglements.

If you have a popular fishing site close by that you would like to head up some survey dives with a team, contact Mark to discuss what information to collect.


In the 2019/2020 summer season we will be hosting training workshops on how to safely clean snagged fishing tackle from reefsa and to monitor the impacts of fishing activities to the reef.

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